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Augustas Serapinas

Work by Augustas Serapinas


b. 1990, Vilnius (LT)

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Augustas Serapinas tells stories of places, people and site specific memories in his installations. By removing the usual properties of specific spaces and objects and attributing new characteristics to them, Serapinas changes our previous perceptions. Through these spatial shifts, he rethinks (in-between) space as a public place and makes visible the institutional, hierarchical or even economic functions resulting from architectural conditions. In many of his works he engages with his country of origin and illuminates facets of Lithuania’s geography, history and culture in subtle and humorous ways. Serapinas’ artistic work is characterized by a spontaneous and above all intense engagement with his immediate surroundings. He often works with people from the neighbourhood and actively involves them in the process of creating his work.

Selected Works

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Grain Stove, 2022

tiles, wood and grains
200 × 68 × 87 cm
AS/S 3

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Plants Stove, 2022

tiles, wood and plants
108 × 100 × 100 cm and plants
AS/S 4

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Herbs Stove, 2022

tiles, wood and herbs
137 × 98 × 77 cm
AS/S 6

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Chair Stove, 2022

tiles, wood
95 × 84 × 70 cm
AS/S 8

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Tea Stove, 2022

tiles, wood and teacups
93 × 80 × 59 cm
AS/S 7


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1 October–19 November 2022

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