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Augustas Serapinas

Work by Augustas Serapinas


b. 1990, Vilnius (LT)

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Augustas Serapinas tells stories of places, people and site specific memories in his installations. By removing the usual properties of specific spaces and objects and attributing new characteristics to them, Serapinas changes our previous perceptions. Through these spatial shifts, he rethinks (in-between) space as a public place and makes visible the institutional, hierarchical or even economic functions resulting from architectural conditions. In many of his works he engages with his country of origin and illuminates facets of Lithuania’s geography, history and culture in subtle and humorous ways. Serapinas’ artistic work is characterized by a spontaneous and above all intense engagement with his immediate surroundings. He often works with people from the neighbourhood and actively involves them in the process of creating his work.

Selected Works

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Eglė and Ąžuolas biceps bench, 2023

Metal, wire, plaster, wood, towel rack, table, felt, rope, linen
100 × 158 × 100 cm
AS/S 40

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Čiurlionis Gym, 2023

Installation view Art Unlimited
Courtesy of artist and Galerie Tschudi in collaboration with ApalazzoGallery
Photo: Nicolas Gysin

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Remains of the House from Skirgiškės, 2022

reclaimed wood
370 × 480 × 500 cm
AS/S 13

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Shutters from a Unknown House, 2022

reclaimed wood
102 × 85 × 3.5 cm
AS/P 9

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Window Glasses from a House from Skirgiškės or Didžioji Kuosinė, 2022

window glasses with old nails powder
90 × 59 × 0.5 cm
AS/P 15

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Part of the House from Skirgiškės, 2022

reclaimed wood
82 × 20 × 18 cm
AS/S 30

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Roof from Rūdninkai, Segment 13, 2022

charred reclaimed wood, nails
180 × 190 × 12 cm
AS/P 3

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Grain Stove, 2022

tiles, wood and grains
200 × 68 × 87 cm
AS/S 3

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Tea Stove, 2022

tiles, wood and teacups
93 × 80 × 59 cm
AS/S 7

Work by Augustas Serapinas


Augustas Serapinas

Ashes from the house in Rūdninkai, 2022

glass, ash
91.5 × 161 cm
AS/P 7


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Selected Press

TAZ - die Tageszeitung

Ein Dach für die Ruine

Beate Scheder

31 August 2023

Leer stehende Holzhäuser aus der litauischen Provinz dienen Augustas Serapinas als Material. Die Klosterruine zeigt „Roof from Rūdninkai“.

The Art Newspaper

Feeling the burn

Khabir Jhala

13 June 2023

Augustas Serapinas creates the ultimate Art Basel workout using plaster cast pieces.

Art News - extract

The Best Large-Scale Works on View in Art Basel Unlimited

Maximiliano Duron

June 2023

Augustas Serapinas has taken The Greco-Roman artistic inspiration one step further by creating a functional gym as a durational performance piece and installation.

Daily Sabah - extract

Unveiling unforgettable highlights of Art Basel 2023

Funda Karayel

June 2023

The 2023 edition of Art Basel has mesmerized art enthusiasts with its breathtaking displays and groundbreaking artworks.

Blick - extract

Würdest du dafür 60 Millionen zahlen?

Katja Richard & Stefan Bohrer

13 June 2023

Gigantische Werke, die höchsten Preise und die schrägste Kunst: Heute hat die Art Basel ihre Tore fürs auserwählte Publikum geöffnet.

Heute - extract

Art Basel wird heuer zum Fitnessstudio der Kunstwelt

June 2023

285 Galerien aus 36 Ländern stellen ab heute drei Tage lang auf der Art Basel aus.


Lithuanian wood, or how to deconstruct vernacular architecture into a work of art

1 March 2023

A conversation on traditional materials, architectural fragments, site specificity and new perspectives found when looking with fresh eyes towards the un-seen.


Kunst, die Gewohntes in etwas Neues verwandelt

Marina Fuchs

1 February 2023

Die Zuozer Galerie Tschudi zeigt aktuell Arbeiten von Augustas Serapinas, Petra Wunderlich und Su-Mei Tse. Drei starke Einzelausstellungen, die sich ideal zusammenfügen.

Design Scene

Exclusive Interview With Artist Augustas Serapinas

Natalija Paunic

4 Februrary 2021

Lithuanian artist Augustas Serapinas talks exclusively for DSCENE Magazine’s Winter 2020.21 issue.

Art Territory

The parallel timelines of art

Auguste Petre

3 June 2019

"Augustas Serapinas, the youngest artist in the Venice Biennale,” reported nearly all of the art news portals when the list of the participants in the May You Live in Interesting Times exhibition curated by Ralph Rugoff was officially announced. Was this done with the intent to create a sensation? Not likely.

Tank Magazine

Augustas Serapinas

Guy Mackinnon-Little


Lithuanian, born and based, Augustas Serapinas is an artist who works with curiosity and context, devising site-specific installations and uncovering rich human stories hidden just out of sight. His work is born of empathy and open-ended engagement. Most of Serapinas’s shows begin with a conversation with whoever happens to be nearby.

Fogo Island Arts

In The Studio

Travis Jeppesen

March 2017

Last Autumn, I was invited for a monthlong residency at the art and education center Rupert in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I got to know a number of key figures in the Baltic art scene, including some of the brightest up-and-comers. Among the latter is Augustas Serapinas (b. 1990), whose site-specific installations and actions have garnered much attention throughout Europe in recent years.

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